Springfield Illinois: Is Your Family Ready for a Remodel?

Two home improvement contractors doing drywall repair in Springfield IL in a residential home

Springfield Illinois: Is Your Family Ready for a Remodel?

Going through a home remodeling project can be both unpleasant and exciting at the same time. While the idea of a beautifully renovated home is enticing, living through the multiple week-long processes can disrupt the lifestyle of you and your family. At Capital City Home Improvement we believe that preparing for a remodeling project is just as important as the project itself, that’s why we came up with a variety of tips to help you and your family along the way. Keep reading below for expert advice on how to make sure you and your family are ready for a home to remodel in Springfield, IL!

Stay Away from Your Home

It is not uncommon for families to stay in the home if part of it is being renovated, however, it can easily become overwhelming and disrupting for many homeowners throughout the process. At Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, IL, we recommend that our customers plan for a brief vacation or stay with family and friends during the remodeling process to give both them and our contractors a smooth transition into the project. We guarantee that through the entire remodeling process, your project manager will be in contact with you every step of the way.

Family choosing the paint color for their residential home remodel project in Springfield, ILGet Everyone’s Input on the Remodeling Project

Whether it is just you and your partner looking to remodel your home or your entire family of five, it’s important to get everyone’s input on the design process! While everyone may have different tastes or preferences, it is sometimes easy to forget that there isn’t just one person living in the home and that everything from paint color to flooring can affect how a person feels in a space. If you have younger children, give them an option of 4 paint colors for the new space and see which one they can agree on. For older children, ask them what they would like to see out of the space. This is a great way to ensure that the entire family feels heard and is excited about the remodeling process.

Fit the Remodel into Your Schedule

This may seem obvious, but oftentimes a home remodeling project is scheduled a month or so in advance before any construction work begins to take place. Be sure to fit the remodel into your busy schedule. It may not be a good idea to have contractors putting up drywall the same week that you planned on having a birthday party. While you can’t always work around important life events, know that Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, IL is here to help you every step of the way.

Homeowner going over plans with a home remodeling contractor in Springfield, IL about current kitchen renovation projectTalk to Your Remodeling Team

Last but not least, talk to your remodeling team! We know how stressful it can be to keep track of the dozens of small details that go into making your unique space entirely yours, that’s why our experienced contractors at Capital City Home Improvement are the perfect ones for the job! Do not hesitate to voice any concerns you may have about your home remodel; we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the results!

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