Springfield Illinois: How to Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Home This Winter

Brown and beige brick and siding home with a new roof covered in snow after siding repair in Springfield, IL.

Springfield Illinois: How to Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Home This Winter

Many homeowners think that just because it is wintertime means that the exterior of their home is an off-limits project that cannot be taken care of until the spring. However, our contractors at Capital City Home Improvement believe that certain projects are perfect for the winter and can even help improve the curb appeal of your home. Don’t wait for warmer weather, contact & get started on your exterior home improvement project now with help from the experts at Capital City in Springfield, IL!


You may be wondering how you clean the exterior of your home in the wintertime? Chores like straightening up your home’s patio, backyard, or porch area will allow your property to look its best before any major snowstorms hit, while also preventing any potential weather damage. Take the time to put away any loose pieces of furniture, belongings, or trash to clear up your yard and keep it protected from potential decay. If it is above 40°F, think about power washing the exterior walls of your home if you notice any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over the fall.

Winter home in Springfield, IL decorated for the winter season with lights on the exterior of the homeOutdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting in the winter is not an uncommon way to spruce up your home. With Christmas being one of the most popular times of year to put lighting on the exterior of your home, it is still the perfect time to make your home warm and inviting before spring weather. If you’re looking for a simple way to add lighting to the exterior of your home, placing lights along the pathways leading to your front door or alongside your driveway is perfect for adding curb appeal to your Springfield, IL home this winter.

Home Maintenance

With harsh weather conditions comes the possibility of repairs, whether it’s from snow or pests, the wintertime often brings light to repairs that may have been impossible to notice in spring or summer. Common issues that may need to be inspected by an expert include everything from drafty windows to broken siding and water leaks in your basement or ceiling. It’s important to take care of any home maintenance in the winter so that your home stays warm and cozy all season long. Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, IL is here to ensure the safety of your home with our expert home improvement services.

Residential home in Springfield, IL with blue siding, a newly painted red door, and blue rocking chairs on the patio in the winterFresh Paint

While you may not be able to paint your entire home in the winter, painting your front door, window trim, or porch can make a significant difference to the curb appeal of your home. There are a variety of paint finishes to choose from at your local hardware store. Call Capital City Home Improvement (217) 414-2304 or (217) 414-2304 in Springfield, IL for guidance on painting the exterior of your home this winter.

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