What to Look For In a Roof When You’re Buying a Home

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What to Look For In a Roof When You’re Buying a Home

Your roof is one of the most significant components of your home because it helps protect the integrity of everything inside. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the most expensive parts of your home to repair and replace, so you want to make your roofing last as long as possible. When looking at existing homes for sale, you want to find a home with a good roof; one that’s not going to need to be replaced in the near future. However, it can be tricky to determine the condition of a roof, as damage and leaks can often be hidden, and the remaining useful life isn’t usually readily available information. That’s where Capital City Home Improvement’s years of experience can help.

What to Look for When Inspecting Roofing in Springfield IL

Metal shingled roofing in Springfield IL that is brand new and put on a home that is on the market.

There are many things that will give you a good indication of the integrity of the home’s roof by simply looking at it from the ground, including worn or slick spots on the shingles. Shingles that have lost their texture are getting to the end of their useful life. This is a sign that you’ll likely need a new roof shortly after you move in. Curly edges and bulges in the shingles are also signs that the roofing needs to be replaced. Of course, if there are missing shingles, water is likely getting into the structure.

Avoid buying a house with a roof that shows signs of mold or mildew. Asphalt shingle roofs with a slightly green tint have likely been exposed to a lot of moisture and are in the last years of their lifespan. Speaking of water, a quality roof needs a good, clean system of gutters and downspouts. Otherwise, the edges of the roof will age faster than they should, among other problems.

While this visual inspection is a good step, we recommend having a detailed inspection completed by Capital City Home Improvement. As the leading roofing contractors in Springfield IL, they can provide a comprehensive look at everything your potential roof might need now and in the future

Make Sure to Ask About Our Roofing Warranties

In addition, at Capital City Home Improvement, we recommend that prospective homebuyers ask the owner about when the roof was installed and any warranty that may apply to the installation. Some types of roofing material, such as metal roofing and slate roofing, are designed to last nearly a century. Often the warranty will transfer with the sale of the house.

A professional roof installation expert standing on a residential roof in Springfield, IL after installing a brand new roof.

Roofing in Springfield IL Done Right with Capital City Home Improvement

Capital City Home Improvement offers an array of roofing services and home remodeling in Springfield IL for both homes and businesses. Our work is guaranteed and we always strive to be the best for less!

To learn more about how our roofing inspection services or to make an appointment for roofing maintenance or installation, contact Capital City Home Improvement at (217) 414-2304. We have more than 30 years of experience helping Springfield IL area homeowners and businesss with their roofing and remodeling needs.

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