Benefits of a Metal Roof

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Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs were once mostly used in commercial settings, but today, it’s one of the fastest-growing roofing products utilized both residentially and commercially in the United States.

Interested why metal has gained popularity so quickly? Because of the many benefits it has when used as a roofing material!

1. Metal Roofs are Long-Lasting

Amongst all the advantages of a metal roof in Springfield IL, its lifespan is almost always the leading benefit. Compared to typical asphalt shingles, metal is much more resilient and durable. As such, the typical lifespan is up to three times as long as shingles; 40-70 years to be exact.

If you select higher-end metal material, such as field-locked standing seam and aluminum shingles, it could last longer. A roof made of zinc or copper can last more than 100 years.

2. Metal Roofs are Lightweight

If you compare modern metal roof materials to various other typical roof materials, like concrete tiles, you’ll see that today’s metals are much cheaper. Concrete tiles add up to 900 extra pounds per square, whereas metal varieties add between 50 to 150 extra pounds per square.

This lightweight metal makes the install easy and allows you minimize the need to add additional support.

3. Easy Installation

The speed and efficiency of installation are huge benefits. The length, size, and lightweight nature of metal sheets make them easy to manage.

Most metal roofing products are available in multiple sections or in 12 to 36-inch panels that can be easily installed.

metal roof springfield il
metal roof springfield il

4. No Minimum Roof Pitch

A low-slope roof has an incline that’s less than 3-in-12, meaning the roof rises 3 inches for every horizontal foot. Some standing-seam roofing can be utilized on 2-in-12 roof pitch or, in some cases, with a pitch as low as 1-in-12.

Regardless of roof pitch, a metal roof can always be installed, even with very low to non-existent pitches. And the added benefit of installing metal roofs on lows slopes is that it’s usually less expensive to build than a steep slope is.

5. Great Rain and Snow Shedding

A low-slope roof has an incline that’s less than 3-in-12, meaning the roof rises 3 inches for every horizontal foot. Some

For those that live in heavy snowfall and rainy locations, metal roofs are idea. The surface area of metal sheets are slippery and make it difficult for snow and water to stay gripped.

In addition to that, the dark tones of many steel roofs swiftly warm in the sunlight, encouraging snowmelt. In cold climates such as outs, having the snow slide come off your roofing is a considerable benefit, decreasing the weight on your home.

6. Superior Energy Efficiency

If you are looking to reduce costs from your month-to-month expenditures, installing metal roofing in Springfield IL is a great idea. Houses that have steel roofs can save approximately 30% each month on cooling costs.

Reflectivity: Reflectivity implies how well the roof mirrors back the sunlight’s rays. Metal roofing systems are great at mirroring back the sunlight, lowering the amount of heat transferred into the attic space. The much less heat in the attic room means reduced energy costs.

Emissivity: Emissivity implies how quickly something cools down after heat has been removed. In warmer weather especially, heat get trapped in the attic, forcing the a/c unit to work hard to cool it. The battle between the hot roof and the air conditioner goes on all summer. With energy-efficient metal roofs, your roof will be cool to the touch soon after the sun drops, allowing your AC unit to take a much-needed rest and leading to lower cooling costs.

7. Environmental Friendliness

Among the benefits of metal roof covering is it’s environmentally friendly nature.

Cool-Metal Roof: The electricity that you use daily originates from coal, gas, and oil, which are not renewable. By using the cool-metal roofing, you are not just lowering your electric expenses, but you are reducing the use of natural deposits. Likewise, regarding 25 and 95% of metals are recycled resources.

Solar Friendly: Metal roofs and solar panels make a great team. It’s easy to install solar panels on metal roofs. The solar panel provides additional shade to the roof covering and assists with cooling.
Another terrific benefit of metal roof covering is that it is 100% recyclable. At the end of its life, metal can be recycled to make new roofing material or other products. Most roof shingles end up in landfills. As much as 20 billion pounds of asphalt roof shingles are tossed out each year.

metal roofing springfield il
metal roofing springfield il

8. Metal Roofs are Moss and Fungus Proof

Among the benefits of metal roof covering is it’s environmentally friendly nature.

The reason asphalt shingles have a shorter lifespan is that they are prone to mildew, moss, and fungus. Metal roofing, on the other hand, is resistant to all of these issues. Besides that, a metal roof covering protects your home from rats, bugs, raccoons, and other pests.

9. Unsurpassed Fire Resistance

Fire-resistance is yet another benefit of Springfield IL metal roofs. Even if you don’t live in an area that prone to wildfires, metal roofs slow down the time it takes for fires to ignite or burn through a house, which is always something to be mindful of.

Metal roofs are Assembly-Rated Course A, meaning the covering and also underlying material provide extra fire protection.

Many people believe that steel roofs attract lightning, but that’s actually false.

10. Ideal for All Seasons

The ability to stand up to any type of type of climate and weather is a great advantage of metal. In snowy climates, metal permits snow as well as ice to slide off more easily. It’s likewise best for hot, humid environments considering it stands up to moisture, resists mold, and also reflects heat.

Another benefit of metal roof coverings is they are rust-resistant and water-proof.

Metal Roofing Company in Springfield IL

These 10 advantages of metal roofing highlight why it’s been gaining popularity so quickly. If you are searching for a metal roofing contractor in Springfield IL, give Capital City a call!

Call us at (217) 414-2304 for a free estimate!

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