How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget

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How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget

Paint Your Cabinets

Rather than replacing your cabinets, paint them for a totally new look! Painting, whether done yourself or done by a professional, is a fraction of the cost of replacement. Consider painting your island a different color from the rest of your kitchen for added visual interest.

Add Shelving

New shelving is an easy way to add personality to your budget kitchen remodel. It helps to provides both form and function; a way to create a new look and a place for storage or decoration. The key is to keep it simple by keeping shelves organized with minimal decoration.

Add a Breakfast Bar

Add a breakfast bar to your exiting island. Breakfast bars are an ideal option for a family kitchen, as they take up much less space than a table and chairs while still providing an area to prepare and present food. They can be done on a relatively small budget too. If you’re handy, it can be as simple as three pieces of wood and stain.

Swap Out Your Flooring

The floor is likely to be the largest surface area in your kitchen, so swapping it out can be an easy way to get a whole new look. Especially for kitchen remodels on a budget, vinyl is a good option as it’s inexpensive, slip-resistant, moisture-proof, heat-resistant, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Replace Your Cabinet Hardware

New cabinetry hardware can transform the look of your kitchen for a small cost and is an easy way to either match other metal finishes in your home, or start the process of changing over to a new metal finish throughout. Make sure to replace existing hardware with the same center-to-center measurement or use hardware with a backplate if it’s a different size.

Update Your Counters

Your countertops are a vital part of your kitchen, so updating them instantly provides a whole new look and feel. Laminate is a great option for those on a budget! Laminate has come a long way in the last few decades, with many options now appearing to look just like stone. To save money on stone options, inquire about remnants with your local design shop, especially if you’re only wanting to update some of your countertops, like the ones on the island.

Install New Lighting

Kitchen lighting provides functional and aesthetic purpose. It’s important that your lighting looks good and is versatile enough to work well for ambiance, food prep, and more. Small updates, like changes in color temperature, bulb shape, or housing design, can make all the difference.


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