When to Replace Your Windows

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When to Replace Your Windows

Unlike a car, there’s no weird sound, critical failure, or other issue that clearly signals it’s time to consider new windows. While you see your windows daily, they’re not a central part of your life where you easily notice a reduction in performance.

Sometimes it’s hard to say if you may be able to squeeze a few more years out of your current windows, or if you need to schedule a window replacement consult quickly. because every situation is different. But there are a few good reasons to invest in new windows:

Reason #1: Home Improvement or Remodel

What’s one more project when you’re already working on your house?

Window replacement can work right into your planned home improvement. Whether you’re updating your house or just changing up the design, windows are an important feature to update and you can find a look to match the rest of your style choices.

Remodels and renovations provide the perfect opportunity to rethink your windows, air flow, and general lighting in your home. You may choose to increase the size of window openings or add new ones altogether to add additional light and ventilation. It’s also a good time to consider changing the look of a wall with a new window combination, bay or bow window, or an and entire window wall.

Reason #2: Weather Damage

Another reason to replace windows is your climate, which can impact the overall lifespan of your windows. Over time, the outdoor elements have an effect and cause damage. Other times, the weather works quicker, especially through storm damage. Depending on the severity of any damage you have and/or on where the window was broken, you may not be able to save your windows. In those cases, the best thing for your home may be making the investment to install new windows.

Reason #3: Energy Efficiency

Window technologies and designs have changed in the past few years. What used to pass for energy efficiency when your current windows were installed likely are not up to today’s standards.

Additionally, installation or operation issues could be stealing the energy savings you initially were getting from your windows.

Upgrading to new certified energy efficient windows certified can save you on average of $100 to over $500 per year when replacing single-pane windows. In addition to the extra money, you’ll also get extra comfort because energy efficient windows can help your home stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Reason #4: Match Other Styles and Designs

There are many windows in your home but unless they’re original construction, they may not all be the same age. Homeowners will often replace windows one or two at a time as needed. This can leave your home with a hodge-podge of styles, materials, and designs.

You might be facing a similar situation where you’re tempted to only replace one or two at a time. Opting for an entire-home window replacement gives you the chance to match the window styles and designs all throughout your home or come up with a more unique mix of complementary windows.

Reason #5: Selling and Moving Out

Even if you’re not living in your home much longer, replacing your windows may still be a good idea as this allows you to proactively solve any window-related issues that could pop up during your inspection. While you generally can’t expect to recoup your entire investment, replacing your windows with new energy-efficient windows can return a 70% return on investment upon resale.

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