Signs You Need Window Replacement

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Signs You Need Window Replacement

A window replacement in Springfield IL is a big, and sometimes expensive undertaking. So how do you know when they need replacing?

1. Skyrocketing Energy Bills – Homes that have single-pane windows lack necessary insulation, causing your air conditioner and furnace to work harder. To save money and keep those drafts from coming in, we recommend opting for double or triple-pane windows. New windows are more energy-efficient and designed to help keep unnecessary air transfer in and out of your home.

If you notice air coming in from around your windows, it is a good indicator that you’re losing a lot of energy when regulating the temperature in your home and much of it is getting lost. If this is happening, it is a sign that it’s time to consider replacement. Not only will you have better insulation and lower energy bills, you’ll also get more noise control as well.

2. Windows Show Moisture or Damage – A very obvious sign that you need new windows is if any part of them are cracked or decaying, especially the frames. If you can wipe away moisture on the glass panels, see condensation building-up between the panes or hear the wind whistling on a windy night, it’s probably time to replace your windows.

3. Windows Aren’t Functioning Well – Poor window function can be caused by many things, including the buildup of dirt and dust, a spring that is too tight or a problem with another part. Your windows should easily open and close with a fully functioning lock, which acts as both an added seal against air escaping your home and additional security.

4. You Want an Updated LookYour windows are one of the most notable features of your home from the interior and exterior, so if you don’t love the way they look, or they make your home look dated, you should consider replacing them. Energy-efficient and modern windows will add value to your home and step up your curb appeal.

5. You Need Soundproofing – If your windows aren’t offering adequate protection from exterior noises, that’s often an obvious sign you need to replace them. Single-pane windows will easily transfer sound vibrations from the outdoors into your house more versus double or triple-pane models. New energy-efficient windows will also help absorb sound waves before they enter your home.

Window Installers in Springfield IL

Windows are critical to the look and function of your home. If you’re looking for affordable window companies in Springfield IL, Capital City has years of experience in window replacement and repair. Call today for a free quote!

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