Which Types of Gutters Are Best?

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Which Types of Gutters Are Best?

If you need new gutters for your home, you’ve more than likely been presented with the choice of traditional rain gutters vs seamless gutters in Springfield IL. Both choices are designed to protect your property from water damage by moving water away from the foundation as well as the basement. While both seamless gutters and traditional gutters are designed to serve the same purpose, each type does it different and also, one is often much more reliable than the other.

Traditional Gutters
Traditional, or standard, gutters are made in precut sections that are very easy to put together. These gutters are typically assembled in 10-foot or 20-foot sections and have numerous joints. Each gutter section is joined with couplings and each area needs to be soldered or secured at the joint. You can get traditional gutters in an array of materials and colors.

Seamless Gutters
Seamless gutters are continuous rain gutters generally made from lightweight aluminum, copper, painted steel, or zinc. These gutters generally have joints or miters just at the corners wherever they wrap around the roofing. Typically, seamless gutters are built on site from a vehicle mounted device.

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Which Should I Choose?
Given that seamless rain gutters have no seam, the chance of leaks is exponentially lowered, which is why they have become one of the most prominent type of rain gutter. Let’s look at some of the differences!

Installation: Seamless Rain Gutters vs Traditional Gutters
While traditional gutters can be installed by the seasoned DIYer, seamless gutters must be set up by a gutter company in Springfield IL. Seamless gutters are custom created to exact measurements of your home and are installed in single pieces. These single pieces are cut on-site utilizing an unique roll forming device that is fed with sheets of the product you pick.

On the other hand, sectional rain gutters involve a “snap-together” system that calls for components to be bonded or secured together. Sectional systems can have a reduced initial installation expense because the average handyman or contractor can install a sectional rain gutter system quickly and easily. However, you must likewise consider the costs associated with paint, maintenance and repair of the sectional system as well as much shorter life span.

Upkeep and Durability: Seamless Gutters vs Standard Gutters
While sectional gutters may be simpler to mount at first, you have to consistently examine the joints and seals over time and repair them whenever they become damaged – and they WILL get damages! This is a recurring task because you’ll need to perform often and throughout the year. On the other hand, seamless gutters are much easier to preserve and are longer lasting as they’re just single, consistent runs of metal. The only connecting areas are at the downspouts and edges.

Leaks: Seamless Gutters vs Standard Gutters
Since smooth gutters do not have joints, they only have seams at the downspout and corners, they have a much lower chance for leaks. Although smooth gutters are not 100% leak proof, they are far less likely to leak than standard sectional gutters.

Which One to Choose: Seamless vs. Traditional Gutters
When it comes to choosing between standard rain gutters vs seamless rain gutters, everybody’s requirements are different. Nonetheless, seamless rain gutters are commonly deemed far better than sectional gutters due to their much lower chance of leaks. Even one of the most soundly-constructed joints on sectional gutters will begin to wear away and also break down over time.

Furthermore, joints cause issues along the bottom of gutters, which causes water to back up and enables debris to form clogs. Seamless gutters prevent this issue completely, making them less complicated to clean and maintain. Since smooth gutters are formed from a solitary piece of metal, they have a far more attractive and consistent appearance than standard rain gutters.


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