How to Safely Remove Mold From Your Roof

Large clumps of green mold growing on the roof of a residential home needing roof repair in Springfield, IL,

How to Safely Remove Mold From Your Roof

Exposure can mold to lead to serious health problems, so keeping it out of your home is important. If you’ve got mold on your roof, here’s what you, or a licensed roofer in Springfield IL, can do to get rid of it safely:

Why Is a Moldy Roof Bad?

You don’t want mold growing anywhere in your home, but you might be wondering why it’s so bad to have it on your roof. The big problem with having mold on your roof isn’t mold exposure, it’s the fact that it can cause serious damage to your roofing materials, leading to expensive Springfield IL roof repairs.

When mold builds up on your roof, it begins to eat away at the shingles and causes them to rot. After the shingles are destroyed and the mildew has reached the wood, it can cause wood rot, which leads to even more mold growth. Calling Capital City Home Improvement, LLC at (217) 710-8968 for roof mold removal is an important part of roofing maintenance.

Cleaning Roof Mold

A home improvement expert using commercial tools to clean mold from a residential roof in Springfield, IL.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on roofing repairs, related to mood or otherwise, you should have your roof inspected and maintained on a regular schedule. As a homeowner, it’s smart to have your roof professionally cleaned and inspection at least once a year. Regular roof maintenance helps prevent mold growth and keep your roof structurally sound.

To clean mold off your roof, you can combine a 3:1 ratio of water to bleach, then spray the solution on your roof and let it sit for an hour or so. Once the solution has sat, you can rinse your roof off to remove the mildew. Make sure you wear gloves and take caution when handling bleach.

For homeowners who aren’t comfortable handling mold maintenance, Capital City Home Improvement, LLC offers several services related to home improvement in Springfield IL. A yearly cleaning from a professional will help your roof last longer.

Additional Roof Maintenance

A reliable home improvement and roof cleaning expert getting rid of mold growth on a red roof in Springfield, IL.

Replacing a roof costs a lot of money, especially if you upgrade to energy-efficient roofing. Regular inspections and maintenance help prevent problems that lead to premature roof repair or replacement. First off, make sure you’re having your roof inspected and cleaned at least once a year. An inspection helps you find problems early so they’re cheaper to fix and haven’t caused serious damage yet. Moisture can lead to serious roof problems, so clean your gutters or hire a roofing maintenance company to do it for you. While you’re cleaning your gutters, look out for any chunks of shingle.

Moss removal is as important as mold removal when it comes to roof protection. If you notice moss building up on your roof, call Capital City Home Improvement, LLC to get the help you need.

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Skimping on cleaning your roof can leave you with an expensive roof repair bill. Fortunately, there are easy ways to remove mold and moss and keep your roof in good shape. If you need help with roof maintenance, roof repairs, or even an inspection in Springfield, IL, contact Capital City Home Improvement, LLC today.

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