What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Opened skylight that was installed by a home improvement contractor in Springfield, IL.

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Are you a lover of natural light? Adding a skylight is a great way to allow more natural light into your home. Along with great lighting, they can also help lower your light bill! Having skylights installed can provide great benefits; however, there are some things to consider before installing a skylight. Before contacting Capital City, Home Improvement, LLC. about installing skylights, continue reading to learn about what you should be considering before making this investment.

How to Avoid Skylight Glare

It is important to consider what effects sun glares can have on your home and how to avoid them before deciding to install skylights. Sun glares can affect the temperature of your home as well as fade fabrics on your furniture. The best way to avoid skylight glare is by installing them with a shade or filter to the skylight. If you have concerns about what sun glares could have on your home, contact us today to have a specialist answer any of your questions.

Round tubular skylight that allows a wide range of light. Installed by a home improvement company in Springfield, Illinois.

Control the Light

The shape of your skylight can affect where the light goes in your home. It depends on if you want a bright open space or a natural cozy space. For a more focused cozy light, a skylight with straight sides will allow light to enter in a straighter line. If you want the light to be more spread out to brighten and open a room, a round tubular skylight is the way to go. Our team of home improvement specialists can help you find the best match for you.

Eliminate Heat Gain

When using natural light from the sun with the help of a skylight, it is important to consider the way it can influence the temperature of your home. In the summer especially, you can experience a heat gain in your home, which could result in you needing to use more of your A/C. To avoid costly A/C bills in the summer, you should consider ways to eliminate heat gain before installing skylights. The double-insulated glass that is tempered with low-E coating, bronze-tinted skylights, and having your skylights installed at a lower slope can all eliminate a heat gain in your home.

View of a skylight from indoors that was installed by the leading home improvement company in Springfield, IL.

Vented Skylights

Another way you can control the heat of your home while also having skylights is by having skylights that can vent. These skylights allow fresh air into your home while letting the hot stuffy air out. There are a few options of vented skylights as well. There are ones that open and close manually with a crank, or ones that are motorized and just require a remote or button to open. At Capital City Home Improvement, LLC. We can help you find your perfect vinted skylight.

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