How Bad Weather Can Impact Your Roof

Springfield, IL roofers offering roofing repair services after a storm.

How Bad Weather Can Impact Your Roof

Everyone in the Midwest knows that bad weather is inevitable. We experience harsh weather in every season. Summer brings tornados, Spring brings rain, winter brings snow and ice, and fall can bring windstorms. These harsh weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to our roofing, especially when they do not get the maintenance service they deserve. Our team at Capital City Home Improvement Inc. has created a list of what can happen to your roof and why you should hire maintenance and repair roofing services as soon as they are needed to limit the amount of damage. Contact us today to schedule your next roofing service.


Spring and summer are popular for tornadoes in this area. With falling debris and high winds, your roofing is in danger of becoming damaged. If you have loose or damaged shingles you are not aware of, the high winds can easily remove them exposing your home to the elements. Even with routine maintenance services, we can never be sure what can happen to your roofing during harsh weather. That is why we recommend hiring our team to inspect your roofing after you experience harsh winds from a tornado.

Tree on the roof after a windstorm. Roofing needing repairs from a home improvement company in Springfield, Illinois.


Along with tornados, it is common to experience windstorms due to hurricanes that reach the coast. These windstorms can remove tiles, gutters, shingles, and more depending on the severity of the windstorm. Routine maintenance can protect your roofing during a windstorm, but potential damage is unavoidable. After you experience a windstorm, it is best to inspect your roofing and home for any damage. We can provide the necessary home improvement repair services if your home has been a victim of a windstorm.

Rain and Thunderstorms

Our roofing is meant to protect our homes from the elements, especially rain. However, they are not entirely waterproof. If your shingles are loose or damaged, the underlayment of your roof can be exposed to the moisture of water and can create mold or leaks. Even the lightest rainfall can cause damage to your roofing if it is not in great condition. Along with that, the harder the rainfall, the more damage you can experience to your roofing, even if it is in great condition. Harsh rain and thunderstorms can remove shingles and cause severe damage to your home. To avoid severe damage, have our team provide roofing maintenance and repair services for your roofing.

Snow and ice on a roof causing damage that requires repairs from a home improvement company in Springfield, Illinois.

Snow and Ice

Most people are not aware of the damages that snow and ice can have on your roofing. Snow may seem light and harmless, but if there is snow collected on your roof, it can create too much weight for your roofing and cause damage. As well, ice may seem harmless, but it can create and expose your roof to moisture and could result in leaks. Our team at Capital City Home Improvement recommends removing snow from your roof after a big storm to avoid potential damage.

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