Consider Bathroom Remodeling as Your Next Home Improvement Project

Remodeling plans with tile samples for a bathroom remodel done by a remodeling company in Springfield, Illinois

Consider Bathroom Remodeling as Your Next Home Improvement Project

Are you looking into remodeling your residential or commercial bathroom? There is a lot that goes into a remodel that only a professional would know. That is why you should trust your remodels with someone with years of experience. There are a lot of benefits of having a remodel done, but if done incorrectly that can result in more harm than good. with Our contractors at Capital City Home Improvement have over 30 years of experience in providing exceptional bathroom remodeling services. There isn’t a better company for the job! We listed four reasons why you should trust the professionals at Capital City Home Improvement for your next Bathroom remodel. Contact us today for a job estimate!

Bathroom Remodeling Provides Better Home Value

Over time the style of your bathroom can become old news and the quality can decrease with constant daily use. This can greatly affect the value of your home when it comes time to sell it. The great news is that a bathroom remodel can greatly increase the value of your home. With the help of our team at Capital City Home Improvement, we can ensure a flawless bathroom remodel that will increase your home value tremendously. We use the best techniques and equipment so that no mistakes are made. Are you wanting to sell your home soon? Then trust our team for your remodeling needs!

Increase Your Home or Business’s Energy Efficiency

Graph showing an increase in home and business energy efficiency in Springfield Illinois with the help of a bathroom remodel done by a small home improvement business

Everyone wants to save money. But did you know you can save money with a bathroom remodel? If your current bathroom was built or remodeled over a decade ago then there is a good chance that the piping and materials of your bathroom are not energy efficient or environmentally friendly. Now, manufacturers are aware of the long-term benefits of an energy-efficient and eco-friendly bathroom. By choosing to remodel your bathroom you will save money in the long run as well as reduce the strain on the environment by lowering your electricity bill and decreasing your water usage. Capital City Home Improvement can help you design your perfect eco-friendly bathroom today!

Bathroom Remodeling Creates Opportunities for Additional Storage Space

Whether your family is growing or not, the longer you stay in your home the smaller your storage space becomes. Are you noticing a lack of space for your bathroom items? Bathroom remodeling can be a great idea to create the right amount of storage space and then some. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing storage space for your new bathroom. At Capital City Home Improvement, we can help create the right amount of storage space for your new lifestyle. Your bathroom is used every day by your family, so make it a space that fits best with your family.

Decreases Your Risk of Water Damage

Water damage in a bathroom that needs remodeling services from a home improvement company in Springfield, Illinois

Over time the plumbing and appliances in our bathrooms deteriorate with daily use. If your bathroom hasn’t been remodeled in years or at all since you moved in, we recommend investing in a bathroom remodel before extreme plumbing issues puts your home at risk for damage. Are you already experiencing plumbing issues? A plumber can repair any minor issues in the meantime; however, the problems will arise again. If you are already experiencing plumbing issues, then that might be a sign to remodel your bathroom before you experience severe water damage in your home. Our team can help design your dream bathroom while staying within your budget.

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