What Does it Cost to Build an Addition onto Your Home?

Bedroom addition on a residential home with a large window, done by contractors in Springfield Illinois

What Does it Cost to Build an Addition onto Your Home?

With home improvement and remodeling projects becoming more popular than ever, homeowners throughout the Springfield, IL area are eager to add additional rooms to their homes to improve the functionality of their living space. At Capital City Home Improvement, we offer a variety of residential remodeling and construction services to give you the family home of your dreams. Before we get started, you’re probably wondering what a room addition might cost? While every home and every project is different, we’ve researched average costs in the United States for bedroom, garage, and bathroom additions. Keep reading below to learn more!

Adding a Bedroom to Your Home

Bedroom additions are one of the most common construction projects that we handle at Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, IL. Bedroom additions are perfect for families that are not looking to get rid of their dream home but continue to outgrow their current space. When it comes to creating a budget for your bedroom addition project, plan on spending an average of $42,000. While this can change depending on the size and placement of your room, creating an additional bedroom space is extremely beneficial when it comes to the function and value of your home. Call us today for a free estimate on your room addition project!

Adding a Garage to Your Home

Green and white fenced-in garage addition onto a one-story residential home in Springfield, IL.

Whether you’re looking to attach a garage space to your home or create a separate building in your backyard, our contractors at Capital City Home Improvement are here to help you along the way. Believe it or not, adding a garage to your home or property is not as expensive as one might think. Depending on the size of the structure and how many cars you’d like to fit in your space, you are looking at an average cost of $16,000 or more. While that may seem like a large price tag, for the square footage you are getting, it is not a bad estimate. To start your garage addition project, call our shop in Springfield, IL today!

Adding or Extending a Bathroom

You may be surprised to know that adding a bathroom to your home is not as cheap as you may think. While space takes up much fewer square feet in your home than a bedroom would, bathrooms require extensive plumbing and construction work to be a function space. On average, you could spend a minimum of $10,000 just to remodel an existing bathroom. Now add on the cost of plumbing pipes, structure building, appliances, and even basic fixtures and you’re already well over the average price. However, adding a bathroom to your home is extremely beneficial not only in adding additional functions to your daily life, but it will even boost the value of your home. Contact our contractors at Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, IL for more information on adding a bathroom to your residential home.

What to Expect  

Residential room addition onto a home in Springfield, IL with open concept living space.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you do not have an unlimited amount of funds put towards your room addition project. At Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, IL we realize that knowing what to expect is something that a majority of homeowners need to successfully budget their room addition project. Throughout the entire construction process, always keep in mind that remodeling projects often exceed initial budgets and certain wants may need to be eliminated along the way.

Call our shop today at (217) 710-8968 for helpful information on how to start your bathroom, garage, or bedroom addition project.

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