Springfield Illinois: 4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Winter

A man in blue shirt and woman in red and white plaid shirt measuring wood flooring for flooring replacement in Springfield IL

Springfield Illinois: 4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Winter

With winter in Springfield, Illinois in full effect, it can sometimes be hard to find ways to keep up on home projects that are impossible to start without beautiful summer weather. However, our contractors at Capital City Home Improvement believe that remodeling projects can and should happen all year round! We put together a list of 4 winter home improvement projects that are perfect for sprucing up your home or making some much-needed repairs. For expert remodeling services in the Springfield, Illinois area, call Capital City Home Improvement at (217) 710-8968 or (217) 414-2304 and we would be happy to tackle your project!

Replace the Hardware on Your Doors & Cabinets

One of the simplest ways to change the look of your home is to replace the hardware on your doors and cabinets! It may not seem like a major change, but a stunning piece of hardware goes a long way in your overall design. Not only does hardware have the ability to completely change the feel and look of a room, but it also allows you to choose a functional piece of your design that can improve your daily life – not to mention it is extremely cost-effective!

Man and woman holding a variety of paint colors and choosing one for a home improvement project in their home in Springfield, ILPaint

Painting a room is by far the easiest and cheapest way to transform the look and feel of your home. While painting may not seem like a winter activity due to the inability to have proper ventilation, recent technology in paint now allows homeowners to paint in small, enclosed places without having to worry about inhaling toxic fumes. Call Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, Illinois for quality home improvement services!

Redecorate Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most frequented spaces in your entire home. It’s where you get ready in the morning, decompress after a long day of work, bath your puppy, and so much more. So why settle for a poorly decorated space that doesn’t match your unique style? This winter is the perfect time for making small changes to your bathroom including changing light figures, re-painting, getting a new vanity, or even upgrading your mirror can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. At Capital City Home Improvement in Springfield, Illinois we offer a variety of home improvement services to create the space of your dreams.

Home improvement contractor in jean overalls and a red shirt installing insulation in a residential home in Springfield, IL.)Replace Your Home’s Insulation

Can you think of the last time you changed your home’s insulation? If it’s been a while, winter is the perfect time to ensure that your home is properly insulated before the icy and snowy weather hits. We recommend having your home’s insulation changed at least every 20 years, so if you live in an older home, it may be time to contact the professionals at Capital City Home Improvement to get the job done!

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